My Ketosis Diet in a Nutshell

Dieting – it is no secret: burn more calories than you consume.

But I crave carbs, I love bread and pizza and sugar…which all excess gets stored as fat.

So what is the answer?

For me, Ketosis. It is where you burn fat for fuel...Ben Greenfield explains it good in the article I mention below.  I started taking a supplement – BHB – that told my body it was already in ketosis and the carb cravings were less.  And then I forced myself to consume less carbs and more fat and proteins (ketosis friendly).

I sometimes drink Premier Protein (160 calories) from Costco but more I drink the Lite Muscle Milk (100 calories).

I love white rice and I found how to lower the carbs a bit:

Ben Greenfield is the triathlete... here is the article I read (long):

But I started using this in the AM with just water: KetoCaNa but switched to Ketone Salts due to price and taste.

But I started with this BPI Keto Weight Loss 3 pills each morning.  Then I tried using the KetoCaNa in the morning I take 2 of the keto weight loss at 1pm.  And ultimately have switched to Ketone Salts (Nutricost 4-in-1 Exogenous Ketone Supplement (17.86oz) 13g Beta-Hydroxybutyrate (BHB) Per Serving, 500 Grams (Unflavored))


  • 6am drink water with Ketone Salts (quarter to half scoop).
  • 10am vitamins and 1 protein shake.
  • Noon - light lunch (half what I used to eat).
  • 1-3pm take 2 BPI Keto Weight Loss pills to keep the fat burning (afternoon energy).
  • 6pm protein shake or light dinner.
  • Lots of water all day.

Add some walking or other light exercise and the pounds drop faster.

Now, after months of this, I have started cycling again. I found I can peddle for 2 or more hours before lunch and then find the next day a few extra pounds of fat have melted away…but I’m gaining muscle which weighs more so I’m staying at a steady weight now but looking more and more like I did in my 20’s.

I went from 230lbs down to 185lbs (with a goal of 179lbs) in 6 months with the first 4 months of minimal exercise.

Good luck!