New Peak’s Reignite Weekend

Reignite was a kick in the pants (in more than one way)!  It was informative, probative, cathartic, and full of value!  Of course they do some selling too...but it is not a waste of time.  There is much more value than sales.

They covered some very interesting relationship things... 7 Pillars of an Ultimate Relationship, and Heart Virtues which was right up my NLP alley.  It was an awesome technique for digging deep into the psyche and pulling out some base values.  I will have a complete write up on this once I dissect it and boil it down a bit.  There were several breakthrough sessions.  Lots of anchoring peak motivated states.  And plenty of networking with like minded people.

I was quite impressed with the B.A.N.K Methodology sales training that I signed up for a 2 day training in Newport Beach, CA in May.  I'll share my findings when I return from that.

All in all I highly recommend the Reignite Weekend!

If you want to go I can get free upgraded tickets - Click Here