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March 28, 2016

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Mike Dooley. Continue reading

You’ve Been Doing It Your Whole Life
March 28, 2016

Think not of "how," whether in terms of logistics, people, or inspiration, but of the. Continue reading

March 15, 2016

Please don't let the wisdom you seek or the changes you wish to manifest. Continue reading

Fear Goes Away
March 15, 2016

Fear always goes away once two things are realized:

First, you're a spiritual being.

Second, nothing can. Continue reading

Radical Thoughts
March 15, 2016

If you knew how each little, fluffy thought or daydream of yours was tied. Continue reading

Opportunity Never Stops Knocking
March 15, 2016

Opportunity never stops knocking.  New friends are on their way.  The ideas you need. Continue reading

March 15, 2016

"Awesomeness" is that invisible yet naturally occurring substance that churns within all humanity, all. Continue reading

Live the Truths
March 15, 2016

What good does it do knowing approximately where the treasure lies, yet never digging?

Having a. Continue reading

Thinking Big
March 15, 2016

A question from your friend The Universe:

Just how much time do you spend thinking. Continue reading

Gravity, Light, Electricity, and Thought
March 15, 2016

Does gravity make exceptions, pass judgment, or behave subjectively?

Does light make exceptions, pass judgment,. Continue reading